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Andrés Olano

(+57) 3148906774


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Arles is an agro-industrial organization that produces natural, organic, and sustainable cacay oil with dermo-cosmetic quality.

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Carnes Frías Berna

Mark Grimberg

(+57) 310 3916778


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Carnes Frías Berna is a company with over 83 years in the marketplace, dedicated to developing products that make the world’s nutrition easy, offering consumers practical and quick solutions for healthy eating.

Logo Industria de Alimentos Encanto
Industria de Alimentos Encanto

Fernando Perdomo

(+57) 315 5897416


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Industria de Alimentos Encanto Colombia is a company with over 20 years of experience in the food market. It has developed long-life ready-to-eat products like suckling pig and vegan rice, which do not require refrigeration and can last up to 12 months.

Logo Grupo La Rochela
Grupo La Rochela

Daniela Duque

(+57) 310 4998615



Grupo La Rochela is a family–owned business dedicated to the production of Specialty Coffees, Hass Avocado, and Tahiti Lime.

Logo conquista café colombiano
La Conquista café colombiano

Oscar Pajoy

(+57) 321 2078458


La Conquista café Colombiano is an enterprise that produces and exports specialty coffee, produced, farmed-grown, and transformed under the highest standards and guidelines established internationally, guaranteeing the product’s safety for its consumers.

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Grupo Empresarial la Estrella – Frutone

Brian Martínez Quiroga / Elizabeth Martínez

(+ 57) 313 8721789


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A family-owned company that grows and process tropical fruits to commercialize natural fruit juices/purees, and their derivatives.

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Laura Aparicio

Laura Aparicio

(+57) 311 5663048


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Laura Aparicio’s fashion heritage is the result of an engaging creative line. Born and raised in Bogotá – Colombia. In 2016, Laura decided to launch her eponymous women’s Ready-to- wear label. Built on the idea of timeless and effortless silhouettes, inspired by Latin American cultures and men’s wardrobe; The brand offers a line of pure cuts, minimal silhouettes and experimental textures that highlight Aparicio’s personal perspective of the essential.

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