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International Business Department

The International Business Department of The Chamber of Commerce of Cali supports regional companies on their global business strategy, facilitating access to new markets, suppliers, technology, and specialized knowledge.

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We promote business internationalization through five strategic approaches

  • Market analysis and work from the Cluster area to promote access to more demanding markets for the region’s production chains, through knowledge of best practices and innovation projects.

  • Destination projects to promote access to new markets based on the current exportable supply.
  • Prioritization of markets with the greatest potential for the region.

  • Generate connections between multinational companies and local suppliers of services, inputs and raw materials.
  • Identification and integration of regional suppliers in the supply chains of foreign-owned companies.

  • Exploitation of Valle del Cauca’s logistical infrastructure.
  • Positioning and national recognition of Valle del Cauca’s competitive advantages to attract national investment.
  • Consolidation of the Southwest Colombian Export Platform.

  • Promote imports efficiently to increase competitiveness in international markets.

Work Lines


We work in partnership with Embassies, National Trade and Investment Promotion Agencies, Binational Chambers of Commerce, Government Entities and Ministries of Commerce so that our programs have a greater impact.


Competitive intelligence on international markets, foreign investments, technological development, and regulation.


Different training initiatives in relevant topics that seek to strengthen foreign trade in the region.


Our Destination Projects are programs to take business internationalization one step further. Through our eight (8) stages methodology we prepare regional companies to take their products or services to new international markets. By participating in our project, companies have access to information regarding export regulations, rigorous market research, and an exclusive commercial agenda with potential clients.

We design a project methodology called
Destination Project to promote exports.

In 2018 we prioritized 16 international markets with the greatest potential according to the commercial opportunities for the Valle del Cauca region.


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Destination Projects

  • Korea 2019, Chile, Destination Netherlands
Final stage
  • USA, Japan
In progress
  • More productivity, More destinations, UAE, Germany, South Korea
Destination Projects

Germany, South Korea, Chile, France, USA, Perú, Japan, UAE.

Main Goal
  • Increase the exports of the business fabric base don the current exportable supply.

Participating companies


Business appointments

More productivity, more destinations Project – In execution

Companies participating
  • 30 companies
  • 6 companies of Bogotá Region
  • 24 companies of Valle del Cauca

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